American style Barbecue


a unique series of devices bringing the world of smoking and BBQ to a new level.

Exceptional Smokers for American barbeque lovers, thanks to the new, improved insulation and greater heating power (double heater), allow for higher temperatures inside the chamber.

We consider smoky Barbecue grill as a kind of revolution – everyone should try it!

Smoker sizes

BBQ Smoker 70

Barbecue always and everywhere

The loading chamber of the smoker has a capacity of 70L. It holds up to 10kg of meat or up to 8kg of sausage. The walls of the chamber are equipped with mounting bracket, thanks to which we get the possibility of smoking on 6 shelves at the same time.

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BBQ Smoker 150

The best tool for every Pitmaster

The loading chamber of the smokehouse has a capacity of 150L. It holds up to 20kg of meat or up to 16kg of sausage. The walls of the chamber are equipped with mounting bracket, thanks to which we get the possibility of smoking on 7 shelves at the same time.

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Smoker design


When designing the smokehouse, we assumed that the chamber will have as few thermal bridges as possible. The walls are insulated with a special injection molding foam. This is one of our innovative solutions. Such a chamber is characterized by maximum tightness and economy. In addition, no condensation forms on its walls that can spoil the smoked meat.

In addition, the door received a new gasket. The interior of the device is made of stainless steel having an approved food contact.

From now, the walls of the BBQ Smoker’s are insulated with improved foam in order to last longer and hold temperature better.


Resistant to weather conditions

Alu-Zinc surface


Beautiful appearance and dirt resistance

Stainless steel

Models: UWDS-70, UWDS-150, BBDS-70, BBDS-150

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Information about Smoker’s

Characteristics of our products

Ease of use and efficiency

Smokery Barbeque are also ideal for preparing dishes in a process called “slow food” – where the baking time is significantly extended. Thanks to the slow preparation process, the food is even more aromatic.

Smoky BBQ

Discover the potential of barbecue in smoke. The whole process of producing smoke comes down to the single push of a button – all thanks to the smoke generator of our production. The generator works so that the chips are smoldering to produce smoke.

What should be emphasized?

No flame and corresponding temperature of burning wood – it makes products smoked in such conditions will not be blackened.

Heater and temperature

The device gets the temperature using a heater equipped with a heat sink, thanks to which the temperature distribution is very effective.

Smoker is equipped with a thermostat or electronic regulator that allows obtaining the desired temperature inside the smoking chamber. Thanks to this, you can easily control it using the knob or on the digital panel display.


A baffle with specially shaped openings separates the working space from the smoking space – so that fats and juices do not run down on heating elements or smoldering smoker’s wood.

The drainer protects the smoked meat from the sludge dripping from the chimney.

Adjusting smoke

Chimney has installed damper which allows to regulate the density of smoke. Type of smoke is selected depending on the recipe you use – thanks to this you will adjust the ideal smoking conditions to your recipe.

Smoke is obtained thanks to smoke generator in which smoking chips smolder.

Smoker door

The chamber door has a magnetic closure, additionally insulated with a gasket. These solutions make the use of the device even more convenient and more effective.

Smoker equipment

Basic equipment and additional sets

How’s smoker equipped?

Check the basic composition of the smokehouse and additional sets dedicated to our devices.

Accessories and addons which can be interesting for you.

Smoke generator

The heart of smoker

Whence comes the smoke?

The smoke generator has a decisive influence on the success of food smoking – it ensures even work when burning the wood chips.

Smoke is obtained by smoldering smoking chips

Tradition meets modernity

Digital Series

If you are looking for modern solutions,
we have something for you.

We decided to combine digital electronics with traditional Borniak food smoker. The Digital Series is a range of food smokers with electronic control panel that perfectly maintains the set temperature inside the smoking chamber. Digital food smokers perform proportional-integral-diferential temperature calculation in order to … Well, you can simply count on better temperature control!

BBQ Smokers series devices have an electronic control panel (PID) in standard equipment.

Models: UWD-70, UWDS-70, UWD-150, UWDS-150, BBD-70, BBDS-70, BBD-150, BBDS-150

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