Smoke generator GD-01


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Decides about smoking success. Most importantly, it ensures steady work manifested in the uniform combustion of administered chips. Such conditions guarantee the best products – aromatic, with rich flavour and enjoyable color.

The generator tray is capacious enough so that after filling it with chips, the device can produce clean smoke free from undesired substances for up to 7-8 hours without adding sawdust. Our offer also includes an adapter for cold smoking which extends the scope of possibilities to use the generator.

Smoke generator GD-01 was created to be used with Borniak smokehouses, however it can be also used with other devices if they are equipped with an appropriate mounting.

The generator is intended to work with chambers with the capacity of 200l.


Smoking in Borniak smokers is compliant with the standard from 2014. The content of benzo [a] pyrene in sausages smoked in out smokehouses is 0.5 ug/kg. New provisions allow maximum of 2 ug/kg.

Data sheet

Rated voltage 230 V
Generator Heater Power 110W
Generator Fuse 1,25A
Generator Load Capacity 2L
External dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 180 mm x 355 mm x 250 mm
Weight 1.8 kg
Warranty 24 months


Smoke generator description

1. Sawdust feed hopper
2. Switch of the tray and the burner
3. Fuse
4. Power cord
5. Burner (heater)
6. Sawdust tray
7. Hook


1. How does it work? How much does it cost?
The whole process of producing smoke comes down to pushing a button - this is how our smoke generator works. The combustion process is automatic - the wood is transported from the feeder onto the burner where it is gradually charred. One must, however, remember to fill the feeder with wood chips.
The smoker is additionally fitted with a thermostat that regulates the temperature in the smoking chamber.
Prices are given on the website

2. What is the temperature difference during cold smoking?
The smoke generator, which forms part of the smoker, is equipped with a 110W burner that can heat the appliance to a temperature of 40oC. The attachment ZW-01 enables lowering the temperature to the level required for cold smoking, as a result of which the temperature achieved inside the chamber will be 1-2oC higher than the ambient temperature.

The attachment is fitted to the generator and connected with the chamber using a spiral duct. The length of the smoke inlet duct should be between 1.2 -2m.

3. To what external temperature will the temperature inside the smoker remain stable?

The smoker will run correctly even if the temperatures are below 0. The temperature stability is affected by a number of factors, e.g.: the amount of feeding material, wind, and ambient temperature.

4.  How long can a generator run after loading? What kind of wood chips should I use?
One loading of the generator is sufficient for up to 8 hours of work. At present, we offer four types of wood chips.

5. Three-phase power or a standard power supply? What power is required?
All appliances run at mains voltage 230V. The maximum power consumption for the smoker is 615W for the UW-70 model, and 1,515W for the UE-150 model

6. Are the electrical installations waterproof??
The electrical installations are not waterproof.

7. Do you offer bigger models?

We specialize in the production of smokers for household use, so we don’t manufacture bigger models.

8. How many fish, how much meat can I put in a chamber?
UW-150 has a capacity of over 20kg of meat, ca. 16 kg of sausage, ca. 20 fish.
UW-70 has a capacity of up to 10kg of meat, up to 8 kg of sausage, ca. 10 fish.

9. Does it elongate at high temperatures?
The maximum temperature that can be reached inside a smoker is 201oC which does not cause damage (elongation) of the sheet steel.

10. To what temperature can the smoker heat up when I use only the smoke generator?
At an ambient temperature of 10oC, the generator alone can heat up the chamber up to 40oC.

11. How are the different hooks used?
Each fish hook is placed from inside the fish, so that the hanging loop comes out through the mouth. Depending on the type of the hook, you can insert the hook on both sides of the spine, twist it around the spine or insert it near the spine.

12. The eel is too long, what can I do?
The eel can be smoked on a shelf or in pieces. In the nearest future a new model of a smoker will be launched on the market, which will be designed for smoking a whole eel.

13. Can I buy a smoking chamber separately?
Yes, to do this you need to contact the seller directly.

14. Can it be installed indoors and connected to a smoke extraction system?

The smoker is intended for outdoor use. It must not be directly connected to a chimney or smoke extraction system. A forced draught may cause the wood chips to ignite. To evacuate the smoke to a higher or different place, you can use a hood which will absorb the smoke that comes out of the smoking chamber.

15. Can I smoke fish and meat alternately, or do I have to choose one of them?
Yes, you can smoke fish, cheese and meat in the same smoker.
All you need to do is smoke one type of products at a time.

16. What kind of wood chips should I use, how many mm?
The smoke generator GD-01 is designed to be used exclusively with 3x3 mm wood chips.

17. Can I mix different types of wood chips? Juniper?
You can mix different types of wood chips. This will allow you to create original smoked products with unique colour and aroma.

Juniper can be added directly onto the generator’s burner. It is best to do this at the beginning of the smoking process, before raising the temperature, so that the smoke can fully penetrate the meat.

18. How exactly is a drier used? What for?
Before smoking, all products need to be dried so that the smoke can easily penetrate the meat, and the products take on a nice colour.
A drier is used to accelerate the drying process after removing the products from brine. Instead of drying the product for 24h in a cool airy place, the drier can speed up the process to 3-4 hours.

The drier is fitted in place of the smoke generator. Set the thermostat to 30oC and open the chimney to enable a full air flow.


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Instrukcja obsługi wędzarni Borniak (PL)

Manual for smoker Borniak (EN)

Bedienungsanleitung für räucherofen Borniak (DE)

CE Declaration of Conformity (GD-01)