Thermometer TFA 14.1504 with a Probe

TFA 14.1504

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Thermometer for food with a pin probe. An exceptionally useful device which allows assessment of the degree of readiness of the smoked product. It is very valuable – especially when we wish to experiment with new products and recipes.

A tip made of high-grade stainless steel located at the end of a flexible cord allows precise assessment of the temperature inside the product being smoked. The optimal manner to place the thermometer is introducing the cord through the opening of smoke discharge.

The thermometer is equipped with an alarm feature which is activated when the previously set temperature is achieved or after completion of the set time. The device has factory-programmed temperatures for various types of meat and poultry.

Data sheet

Cord Length 80 cm (Resistant up to 300°C)
Operation Range 0 ~ 300C
Range up to 40m in open space
Batteries 2xAAA (Included in the Set)
Weight 0,134kg


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