Cold smoke adapter ZW-01


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Cold smoking ensures new taste sensations. Connoisseurs believe that this taste of smoked products is more sophisticated. The adapter for cold smoking ZW-01 is an excellent solution for everyone who wish to try this method.

Cold smoking takes place at the temperature of 25˚C. It takes from several hours to up to 16 days (however smoked products should not be in smoke all the time). Normally the generator is activated for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. Unless the recipe we use indicates otherwise.

align="justify">. The smoke generator, being a part of the smokehouse, has a heater of 110W. The heater can heat the device to 40˚C. Adapter ZW-01 allows the temperature to be reduced to the conditions of cold smoking, and as a result we obtain the temperature in the chamber higher by 1-2˚C than the atmospheric temperature.

The adapter is mounted to the generator and connected with the chamber using a spiro pipe. The length of the cord supplying smoke should be 1,2-2m.


Installation of the smoke generator is not difficult. Its use is equally simple. Specially profiled feet ensure stability of the structure and thanks to a drawer we can easily remove ash produced during the generator’s work.


In the set the flexy fi pipe 100 is not included

Connection diameter: 100mm

Data sheet

External dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 240 mm x 250 mm x 288 mm
Chimney Diameter 100 mm
Size of the package 250/250/350 mm
Weight 1kg


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