Information about our company

We are a Polish manufacturer of high quality smoking devices. Behind our brand there is experience, knowledge and passion.

Confirmed by our satisfied customers. Over the years we have come a long way - from a small workshop, to a modern company, which currently is the sales leader for smoking devices.

At the same time, what we proudly highlight, we have never strayed from our chosen course.

We have always repeated, in matters of taste and health traditional smoking methods are unbeatable. Which does not mean that the same devices can’t be improved – in this area we have great achievements.

We continually strive for perfection, widening our range of products and improving quality. This ensures that our list of clients is ever increasing – which include, avid anglers and hunters, gardeners, housewives, as well as the owners of the farmhouse holiday businesses. Actually - all who appreciate healthy food and its household preparation.

We feel part of a larger phenomenon - a conscious return to the traditional methods of preparing food products, to live in harmony and close to nature.

Undoubtedly, we are a company with a mission – some we remind of childhood flavours, which at some point were lost, others we give the chance to taste them for the first time. Both groups are delighted. Simply – there is no way to deceive the senses.

Media and press information

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