PL: Szanowni Państwo, W Nowym 2018 Roku firma BORNIAK wprowadza do sprzedaży nowe modele wędzarni – cyfrowe oraz BBQ – a także akcesoria i zestawy. Do czasu włączenia nowego asortymentu do sprzedaży - nasz sklep pozostanie nieaktywny. Dokładamy starań aby ten czas skrócić do niezbędnego minimum. Zapraszamy do składania zamówień w drugiej połowie lutego.

EN: Ladies and Gentlemen, In New 2018, BORNIAK will introduces new models of food smokers - digital and BBQ - as well as new accessories and sets. Until the new products will be available for sell - our store will remain inactive. We strive to shorten this time to the necessary minimum. We invite you to place orders in the second half of February.

DE: Meine Damen und Herren, im neuen Jahr 2018 stellt BORNIAK neue Modelle von Essensrauchern vor - digital und BBQ - sowie neue Accessoires und Sets. Bis die neuen Produkte zum Verkauf stehen - unser Geschäft bleibt inaktiv. Wir bemühen uns, diese Zeit auf das notwendige Minimum zu verkürzen. Wir laden Sie ein, Bestellungen in der zweiten Februarhälfte zu tätigen.

Home smoker

You decide what you eat

Fish, meats and cheeses, smoke prepared according to traditional methods is a rarity. We admire their deep flavour and enjoy their aroma... and we wish we had access to them more often. Meanwhile, just a small garden is enough to start your adventure with real smoking and build the desired object. This adventure is available for anyone - does not require any sacrifices, and it's really exciting!

Smokehouse garden with a smoke generator and necessary accessories means absolutely best products. It's a whole new culinary possibilities, as well as the opportunity to create own recipes. It is also a return to health - the smokehouse gives you access to 100% natural products, no preservatives, allergens and any chemistry.

We drawn from tradition

In it is the crux of the real taste

BORNIAK company consistently sticks to the chosen course. We have always claimed that in terms of taste and health traditional methods of preparing products are unbeatable. When it comes to technology, we are responsible for providing the best solutions and accessories for the smokehouse - durable, efficient and easy to use smoke generator or specialised thermometers. In a word - tradition and modernity in one.

Hot and cold smoking

Automatic burning

Temperature regulation

Small heaters power

Excellent flavor of smoke

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